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Domestic Scaffolding

We can help with all your domestic scaffolding needs. Whether you require a quick access tower or a long term scaffold for a property extension we will be there every step of the way to ensure safe access and working platforms for your tradesmen and women.

Industrial Scaffolding

We know that industrial sites have strict guidelines that must be adhered to. At Scaffolding Manchester we ensure all our employees are licensed, insured and up to date on the latest health and safety policies.

Commercial Scaffolding

When it comes to commercial scaffolding we know planning and a high attention to detail is key. We work with you every step of the way to ensure minium obstruction and delays onsite as well as ensuring maximum levels of safety at all times.


Shoring and Support

Our team of experienced scaffolders in Manchester can erect the perfect support to aid you in your building project.

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Access Scaffolding

Whether its access to a window, roof or just to quickly change a boiler flue or satellite dish we have the perfect scaffolding solution for you.


Rubbish Chute

Rubbish chutes are a great way to safely and efficiently remove rubbish and building materials. Chutes available on request.

Health & Safety

Debris Netting Scaffold.jpg

Debris Netting

Debris netting is essential to protect people and property bellow and on some building sites, it is actually a requirement. Give our team at Scaffolding Manchester and call and ask about debris netting.

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Bar Protection

In certain situations health and safety regulations require you to lag all lower scaffolding poles to protect foot traffic from accidentally walking into them and injuring themselves.


Edge Protection

Edge protection protects your tradesmen and woman from falls from height and is an absolute must in some situations.